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In the Shadows

by osbornec3 over 5 years ago

I've been following Soulscum for a while now. I don't know what he wants. I don't know why he's here. All I know is that he's left behind a string of broken storefronts and mass hysteria.

I had to do something about him.

He stopped to look through a window. "Maybe he's scoping the place out" I thought to myself. But...   Read more

What's the Worst That Will Happen?

by osbornec3 over 6 years ago

I had already been running for way too long. Over rocks and streams, around trees, it didn't seem to matter. The maze of the landscape seemed perfectly clear to me as I forced myself through the forest.

The only things I knew for sure were that I had to get away from this thing and that the only advantage...   Read more

The Unifrom Lies

by osbornec3 about 8 years ago

It was a simple case of mistaken identity. That and trusting the good uniform while having no trust at all in the bad. Both of them are dangerous. But for Paul on this cloudy spring day it was a life changer.

"All I did was pick up an orange. What's wrong about that?" Paul asked the officer.

"Normally nothing. But...   Read more

Death To the Road

by osbornec3 about 8 years ago

All this chicken wants is a hamburger. Nothing fancy, just meat and cheese. Maybe lettuce and tomato. That's it. Really, I don't think that's much to ask for. Is it?

Here's the problem. The road won't let me do it. The cows are relatively fine with it. Not happy, but they've at least come to understand that I'm...   Read more

The Question Box

by osbornec3 about 8 years ago

This is not what Steve had in mind when he signed up to test the virtual reality technology at work. Not at all. He thought it would be unicorns farting rainbows. But this was ridiculous.

The scenes were patterned after video games. Not because the team wasn't creative, but because that meant the testers didn't need to...   Read more

The Moon, Sun, and Erin

by osbornec3 about 8 years ago

The Moon would never be the same again. No more bands, no more over priced beer. No more after prom parties.

But that really isn't any concern of mine. I always hated the place. It was where the worst times of my life went down.

The one that stuck in my mind the most happened because of a girl named Erin. I'd...   Read more

The dangers of Spinning

by osbornec3 about 8 years ago

Spinning. Maybe not the most productive way to spend the day. But I couldn't think of anything better.

At least not when I was 6. So those lazy summer days were spent spinning whenever I could. Falling down in the leaves just made it happy bonus time.

Of course, that was well before the incident. I was...   Read more

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