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I like writing. But I generally fail at English. Go figure.


World War WTF?!

by Touchstone117 about 8 years ago

The year was 1986. Or at least it should have been. Jimmy never really knew how the trip to the bathroom had landed him in the middle of a WW2 battlefield. But it had.

General Sanderson hadn't asked to many questions about why Jimmy had appeared in his trench on the frontlines stark naked and very confused, but was all to...   Read more

bolognaise Rage

by Touchstone117 about 8 years ago

The bear was furious. This wasn't going to end well for the gang.

They'd been playing hide and seek in the woods when little Timmy had stumbled upon the bears cave. At first Lew the bear had been rather friendly and joined in with there games. He was a big fan of hide and seek and had a bit of a speed advantage when it came...   Read more

100 Feet

by Touchstone117 about 8 years ago

100 feet away. Just 100 feet. They could hear his screams, see his tears rolling down his face. They could smell the blood in the air as they tore into him over and over. Bits of wood, stones and chains, purpling the skin, splitting and tearing the flesh from his back. Their laughs echoing against the walls of the grimey alley. They...   Read more

Easy Way Out

by Touchstone117 about 8 years ago

The conversation lasted two words: "Fuck You!".

Turns out walking out of a bargin with a demon wasn't quite that easy though. As James turned his back to the demon he'd just crossed and bound, he strode through the doorway out into the street. He wasn't five paces from the door when it exploded outwards fire splinters into the...   Read more

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