Am I Going Crazy or Am I Already There?

by CraigTowsley about 6 years ago

The note on her mirror, written in femme-fatale-red lipstick, a shade she had bought but never been courageous enough to wear out of the house, said to meet on the roof at midnight.

The windows were closed and the door was locked. The recent humidity expanded the cheap wood door, causing it to stick in the frame and she could never open it without Mrs. Montgomery sticking her head out of the next apartment and telling her to keep it down.

So whoever came in didn't come in that way.

Lucy walked through all the rooms again, checking the windows, making sure nothing else was moved or removed.

She noticed the feather the third time she walked into the bathroom. Just the tip of it stuck out from under the small window there. Lucy pushed it up and stuck her head out and looked around.

Three pigeons sat on a wire, titled their heads sideways at her.

She sat down on the edge of the tub and waited until midnight


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Fablanta about 6 years ago

I love the way this story leaves it up to the imagination of the reader as to what happened. Does the feather suggest this is a fantasy where some magical being can transform themselves into a bird, is this a psychological thriller about a girl with a stalker or maybe something else entirely?

CraigTowsley about 6 years ago

I like to leave those kind of questions up to the reader. (Mostly because I have no idea either. Hahaha.) Thanks for stopping by.




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