by bellanohra 11 months ago

She was the most delicate girl in town, so different from all the rest.
I look at her and all I can do is smile, she's so beautiful.
I wish I could call her mine, but sadly she's already been claimed.

He's so lucky and he doesn't even realise it.
He treats her like garbage, and she knows it, yet she keeps going back.

I don't understand.

Why don't you leave if all you do is end up heart in the end?
Why not go to someone who you know will treat you right?

I wish you could see me.
I wish you could see how in love I am with you,
but all you see is him.

The man who owns your heart,
and takes every opportunity to crush it until you can not stick the pieces back together.

You are that broken that you don't even realise that even when you think he has fixed you,
he has just broken you even more.


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