Bubbles for me tonight

by mailorderbride about 1 year ago

There was a party in the upstairs of the building. On the roof. It was my building too. I had lived there for many years. Paying rent, not having a pet (not allowed), putting up with all the noise and rubbish in the hallways and out. There was a lot of nastiness, to be sure, but it was my home. Come to find out, its the building's owners giving the party. A corporate landlord business that aims to put themselves first and the people trying to live in their wasted spaces last. The party was buzzing, I could hear the champagne corks popping and the people buzzing and milling around from my flat just below. Not thinking, I ran up to the roof to have my say. Make a stand. When I got there, a man in a suit with short trousers ushered me in. It was beautiful. truly amazing up there. They had really made an effort with all kinds of colour and streamers and beach effects. Practically could have been the Canaries or Ibiza. Anyway, as kind as man #1 was to let me in, my landlord rep spotted me and made a dash to throw me out. There was anger in his eyes. I evaded his grab, but not before making my way out with a chilled bottle of champagne and a big bouncy green balloon. It's bubbles for me tonight. x


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