Death To the Road

by osbornec3 about 8 years ago

All this chicken wants is a hamburger. Nothing fancy, just meat and cheese. Maybe lettuce and tomato. That's it. Really, I don't think that's much to ask for. Is it?

Here's the problem. The road won't let me do it. The cows are relatively fine with it. Not happy, but they've at least come to understand that I'm going to eat them.

The road, on the other hand, is not happy at all. You see, the road has it in it's head that its reason for existence is to protect the cows. The cows can't see the danger and incowity in my actions.

I've been trying to cross this damn road for 3 days. Mountains are bubbling up under my feet. Holes appear that I can't jump over. It's a giant pain in the ass.

The road beckons cars to come down it an impede my path. It times the lights so that they're always there.

If I was a frog this wouldn't really be a problem. But I'm a chicken. Maybe one day the road will realize that the cows need to take care of themselves and that it can't protect them forever.

On that day I'm having a burger. And the road can suck it.


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