Dime Time

by TimSevenhuysen over 7 years ago

The dapper man picked up a penny.

Then he picked up a dime.

"Which of these is worth more?" he asked the children arrayed in three neat rows on the floor in front of him.

"The dime!" they chimed in chorus.

"Very good!" said the dapper man. "And why is it worth more?"

"It's shiny!"
"It's pretty!"
"It's more specialer!"
"I've got three of 'em in my pocket!"

"Great answers, children!" said the dapper man. "But actually, a dime is worth more because it's so much easier to use a dime for Rhyme Time!"

The children cheered and began to sing.

"Rhyme Time! Rhyme Time!" they sang. "It's our favorite: Rhyme Time!"

But little Jeffy didn't sing. He frowned and grumped and huffed. "Dimes are worth more 'cause they're small," he said to himself. "Small like me. Anyways, rhymes are dumb. Like my mum." He smirked. Dumb mum...

Maybe Rhyme Time wasn't so bad, after all.


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