by Tommy-Louise about 7 years ago

"They won't be of any help."
"Why? Did they not see anything?"
"I think they saw too much."

The man in the white coat was right. That was what had happened. We had all seen too much. Too much of the evil that had passed under the sky that night. We had born witness to horrors that no human tongue can describe. And by the way that the animals had fallen silent, not even they knew how to communicate what had happened.
We all sat in silence, those of us cursed to survive. It was by group consensus, unspoken as so many things were to be from now on, decided upon by the collective mind. For that was what we were now, one mind. Our individual consciousnesses had become so fragmented that they could no longer survive as single entities. For our own existence to continue, we must merge.
We could not speak for fear of remembering. We could not sleep for fear of dreaming.
We could not move for fear.
Survivors. That was what they called us.
Damned. Was what we called ourselves.


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LaupNhoj about 7 years ago

Just messing with you. What I really thought was how did this guy or girl type that much with so much depth in six minutes. It made me think the only way is either this person is on a lot of caffeine or can type a million words a minute. Anyway I am impressed that you could complete something so grand in such a short period of time. I like dark stuff. Writing that attempts evisceration.

Tommy-Louise about 7 years ago

I work as a secretary so I've kinda picked up the ability to type quick quickly ^.^
Thank you for your comment

Galen almost 7 years ago

Somehow I missed this one. Fantastic mood and tone. Very cohesive too. Well done.




The loud chick in the corner.

With the big eyes.

And the notebook in her bag.

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