by LaupNhoj almost 7 years ago

The bottom of the fountain was a shimmering mural of pennies, the dapper man reached in and picked up a penny, this particular one caught his eye, something gleamed differently about it, something that niggled in his memory. He had a vision of walking this route as a boy, knickers and plaid, a little beret on his dark head.
As the memory became clear he saw his mother, in her radiance that was lost as he got older. The years withered her frame emaciated her skin mere parchment covering frail bones. Cancer. She had died not long after his fifth birthday, and until this moment, he could not remember as he knew she would have wanted. The glorious giver of life, the glorious Greek goddess, curls lushly draping on her shoulders as the sun spilled its radiance behind.


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Galen almost 7 years ago

Wow. Fantastic scene. I can feel the cool of the fountain on the sun-dressed afternoon.



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