Only temporary

by blyger over 7 years ago

This was only temporary.
She told herself this every morning when she woke up, and every night when she laid down. She had been telling herself this for 6 months now and she didn't really believe it anymore but she still said it. This is only temporary. Who was she kidding. It wasn't getting any better. She was surviving but only just. She had used up all her time at the shelters and really families with kids should get priority. She was surviving. She used to have a plan. Things she was going to do to get her out of this situation, get a job, find help. She had used her friends until she had no one anymore. SHe shouldn't complain. Really how many chances should a person get.
This is only temporary she sighed and gathered her things.


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Galen over 7 years ago

I narrate the same thing whenever I walk past a homeless person. And then I wonder what I would think if I were homeless too.

blyger over 7 years ago

Thanks for the comments! I'm having a lot of fun with this site :-)

Galen over 7 years ago

Glad you like it! Let us know if you have ideas for improvements!


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