by KaylaSchweitzer about 1 year ago

"Travel light, but take everything with you," he said, his sky eyes looking off into the distance, "you never know when everything will leave you."
I suppose it didn't matter to me anymore, whether or not i took my life with me. there wasn't much there, really, just pieces of broken hearts and crystal tears that hit the floor. His words still echoed through my hollow body, the remains of bones crumbling beneath every sorry heaving breath. "Why wasn't I good enough?" I had asked myself, but I never knew. Perhaps it wasn't me....Perhaps it was you. Perhaps it was fate or destiny or whatever God you want to follow. But he was mine and I was his and that's all I knew. I belong to him even if he doesn't want me. Perhaps that's the real story here. Perhaps, traveling light doesn't work.


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