1 Minute to Armageddon

by H.L. Yates about 6 years ago

The audience stared open mouthed at me. Well, that is if you can call a audience a bunch of nosey parkers looking at why the area was cornered off by police. I didn’t care. I wanted the word to see. Especially my mother who was standing by the police, tears in her eyes. Oh, she notices me now. All my life, it was my older sister who was the golden child who could do no wrong whilst, no matter what I did satisfied the bitch. I wasn’t perfect to her.

I loved watching her cry. I didn’t cry. I just smiled as I shot my last hostage that lay at my feet. The slag was dead already; I just wanted to use my last bullet.

“Alice, please!” Mother begged.

“You notice me now? 25 years too late, bitch!”

That made her cry more and I laughed.

“Put the gun down or we’ll shoot!” The cop barked.

I spread my arms out as if I was about to be nailed to a cross. I took a few steps forward as the cops took aim.

As I heard the first gunshot, as the bullet flew towards me, I said to myself, “So you are my death.”


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H.L. Yates


Aged 27, mildly dyspraxic but that will never stop me from writing :-)

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