The waves were bigger than she'd ever seen before. They were not waves tonight. They were destructive bombs, pulverizing everything in sight.

The ship groaned and twisted. Her efforts and those of the crew around here proved futile.

She gasped as a larger wave loomed in front of her. She braced for impact as the icy cold water plunged her into nothingness.

Deeper and deeper she went, her lungs gasping for air. She held fast the rope around her waist.

Then nothing.

She opened her eyes to a bright light. So bright. Where was she? Shielding her eyes she saw a plank of wood, a rope. She felt the cool water around her.

Then she remembered, and went back into nothingness.

She awoke. There in front of her was a man, a pirate, with a wooden leg. A bird perched on his shoulder. Was it a parrot? No, it was a woodpecker, of some sort, she realized as it climbed down to his boot and dug it's feet in his leg.

She starred, the man did not move. She blinked. The ocean lay before her. She was drifting.

No land in sight.


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Galen over 14 years ago

I like the pacing. It feels like the rhythm of waves.

freethinker over 14 years ago

I'm glad that came through. I was trying to imagine what it would feel like, floating in the ocean. It's a fun site!

freethinker (joined over 14 years ago)

Ready, set, write.

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pirates shipwrecked mirage


Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Pirate with a Wooden Leg
villain Woodpecker
goal Float to Shore


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