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reality shimmers

wave after wave

darkness enfolding


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He put on his green scarf and walked out the door. Damn door. Never closed properly.

The sun was peaking behind some clouds. Damn clouds. It was probably going to rain.

He winced as he felt the warm sun on his face. It had been months since he'd seen the sun, months.

Damn sun. Probably give him skin cancer, at best, a tan.

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A few words was all it would take.

My fingers hovered over the keyboard as I thought my plan through. I'd managed to hack into her Facebook account without much trouble. Who knew she still loved that old childhood pet enough to make it her password? It was too predictable.

I focused at the task at hand. She'd be home in a few minutes. I didn't have much time.

"Thanks for a great night sexy. Call me again anytime you're free. Next time I buy.''

That should do it. I hesitated. I'd hacked into Lauren's account, knowing that if I...

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The waves were bigger than she'd ever seen before. They were not waves tonight. They were destructive bombs, pulverizing everything in sight.

The ship groaned and twisted. Her efforts and those of the crew around here proved futile.

She gasped as a larger wave loomed in front of her. She braced for impact as the icy cold water plunged her into nothingness.

Deeper and deeper she went, her lungs gasping for air. She held fast the rope around her waist.

Then nothing.

She opened her eyes to a bright light. So bright. Where was she? Shielding her eyes she saw...

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