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The loud chick in the corner.

With the big eyes.

And the notebook in her bag.



by Tommy-Louise about 8 years ago

The conversation lasted two words: Alright? ...Yeah

It wasn't groundbreaking, it wasn't revolutionary, it wasn't even poetry, but it was all they needed to say.

They had been the best of friends once, closer than brothers. George had had his own room at Jack's house, Jack had had his own shelf in George's fridge. But somewhere...   Read more


by Tommy-Louise about 8 years ago

Green. That was the colour that he always thought when he thought of her.
It wasn't hard to see why.
The shirt that she had worn the day that they had met had been green. That was the night that he had led her onto the dancefloor to cheer her up. Her green top had been the only thing that he had been able to see behind the fog.
Her...   Read more


by Tommy-Louise about 8 years ago

Gradually, that was how the world where it was okay to be a geek, a fangirl, a dork, herself, came into being.

It started with an acquaintance who knew the animated series who became a best friend.

It grew with a sister who accepted everything and opened her eyes to new worlds.

But it finally became real to her when she met...   Read more

I Don't Believe In Regret

by Tommy-Louise over 8 years ago

I have a reputation.

The type of reputation that, when I walk into a room, people smirk or have that flash in their eyes that clearly says "I know what you did last night".

I have a reputation. I'm not that proud of this reputation, I mean, I wouldn't advise the me of the past to do it all over again. But I did...   Read more

Damned if he was going to let her get away with it

by Tommy-Louise over 8 years ago

The Potentate surveryed his creamsicle tower coolly.

It hadn't been his idea to build it, it was the idea of his latest duchess. It had been a stupid idea when she had begged for it, but, after she had begun to withhold her affections, he had relented.

It wasn't, you understand, that...   Read more

Robot Boyfriend

by Tommy-Louise over 8 years ago

I am in love with a robot.

That's quite simply the only way to describe it.

Because although the robot wears His clothes, and says what He would say, I never actually see Him.

I never hear His voice, I don't get to look into His eyes, it has been so long since I felt the touch of His hands...

Therefore, the only...   Read more


by Tommy-Louise over 8 years ago

100 feet away. He is only a hundred feet away. That's all the distance that I would need to cross to be in his arms, to be able to kiss him, to find the comfort that I am missing and to feel safe.

A hundred feet.

I have never wanted to move so much in my entire life.

He knows me. It has only been a few weeks and yet I feel...   Read more

Get a grip girl

by Tommy-Louise over 8 years ago

Ridiculous. That's how I feel. Every time that I look at my phone.

I know the sodding thing hasn't gone off. Of course it hasn't gone off. I put it in my line of sight so that I will know when it lights up and it's on my desk, I will hear it vibrate when it goes off and yet, ridiculously, I still press the button to check,...   Read more


by Tommy-Louise over 8 years ago

It was within reach.

She just had to keep walking.

The key was to never stop.

Her heart was beating.

Her breath caught in her throat and she choked back a sob.

It had to be here.

Her arms were outstretched as she fumbled through the forest, moving as quickly as she dared over the treacherous ground.

Her...   Read more


by Tommy-Louise over 8 years ago

I'm not sure how it will end between us. I am not sure about the middle. I can't even promise that I'll remember how it began.

But what I can promise is that in years to come, your friend or your girlfriend or your child will ask you to tell the story of us. and when they do, I can promise you that you will smile.

I won't...   Read more

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