by melttttt 10 days ago

He walked into a blizzard. The wind had a life of its own, throwing the shards of snow like throwing knifes into his skin. The train was like a seductive mistress behind her, beckoning him to come back to her warm embrace. The station was as lonely as an island stranded in the dark Pacific. The train let out a mournful howl, its gears...   Read more

- how beautiful the ice is beneath the lake

by Charlize Petersen 10 days ago

You know how people always use that metaphor of how an iceberg shows a small portion of the story, but the ice travels much deeper underneath? I was quite literally experiencing that right then. Both externally and internally. My chest was burning for air and my body was thrashing up against the coarse...   Read more


by sophia.c 10 days ago

The window was shattered, broken and unfixable, like my heart. Unable to see past the dull bluey-gray of the glass only held together by the thin grid of fencing. My house, my home, my haven, obliterated into millions of pieces, destroyed but no where near to the extent of the spirit of the people of my village. The children,...   Read more

Overthrow the King

by rosieee 10 days ago

"Lorenzo, no!" King Tremain howled, his eyes blazing with the flames of anger and betrayal.
Lorenzo, a traitor to his superior acquaintance, wielded the gleaming sword, it's sharp edges threating to destroy the feeble man who lay before it.
Despite the cries of sheer terror that penetrated the air of the castle dining...   Read more

(sooo bad dont read) cringe cringe cringe

by rosieee 10 days ago

They crouched to peer beneath the stairs, the grime and dirt on the old hardwood floor unsettling beneath their feet.
"Come on, Benji. Come out." Jorgia slipped her hand into her pocket, grasping a dog treat. She dropped it at her feet in a futile attempt to lure their "lost" puppy out from under the...   Read more

Crappy proposal

by taylor.colligan 10 days ago

As I clench the sweet smelling flowers in my hand, I stare into his perfect emerald eyes.

In this moment I remember why I love him so much. Every moment that I am with him, I feel warm, comfortable, free.

The sun smiles at me and the breeze sings a song that calms my racing heart, though I do not know why it is racing. I...   Read more


by TBB 10 days ago

Confusion. That's what I am currently experiencing. I used to believe that I was a self-assured and secure person, but now I'm not so sure anymore. From the countless times that I've been left feeling vastly empty and irrelevant, to the endless times that I've found myself searching for answers to unanswerable questions. I am...   Read more

Light travel

by nicola123 10 days ago

I look at the glistening gold clock hung onto the station wall. Time is ticking. So slowly I feel that time has frozen. I glance around me, people struggling to pull their trolley due to their 10 suitcases on them. Families excited to go somewhere different. I wonder where all these people are going. Is it to the grand canyon? Is...   Read more

Lost at night

by taylor.colligan 10 days ago


"There's no hope," the monotone sound of Sarah's voice echoing throughout the silent forest. I could not see her face, but I knew she was angry. "We have to at least try." I am trying to stay positive, ignoring the heaviness on my chest, my sweaty palms, my racing heart. "Correction- you have to try," her voice now...   Read more


by melttttt 9 days ago

The wind whistled around me, caressing me like i was its lover. Its icy touch leaving trails of fire all over my skin. I felt like i was the only man alive, standing on the pinnacle of planet earth. The ocean loomed below me, looking so warm and inviting, the waves pounding on the rocks relentlessly. The waves foamed like a dog with...   Read more