by ww7 about 19 hours ago

A dapper man picked up a penny. He tossed it the air, but it fell. He never caught it. A spankled girl kicked up her skirts. They tangled about her legs, and she tumbled. A tired child opened is mouth. He cried out, but no sound came. No sound came. Sometimes nothing falls. Sometimes nothing lands. Sometimes nothing comes at all.
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by b23cml 1 day ago

The breeze was blowing softly as Kendra woke. It was noon and the hustle and bustle of the streets were still unfamiliar to her. She have move to Haven after the event that rock the world to it's core. Life seem to getting back to normal but there are reports of an encroaching force from across the dead zone. She'll be safe here in the walled off city. She remembers to the surface days

Looking Back

by Tommy-Louise 5 days ago

It was such a long time ago.
Such a very long time ago.
Yet for some reason she had still believed she would know the way.
As though she would remember the path that she had taken over and over when drunk, in the middle of the night, surrounded by people she hadn't known hours before but were now her best friends.
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An Ill Wind Blows No Good

by AislingWeaver 7 days ago

Nicky crouched, letting sand dribble through her fist. If only the sand were falling through the hour glass instead, the time for departure drawing closer one grain at a time. The water was almost flat, small wave rolling onto the shore.
"Why can't we leave?" She asked without looking back. A sigh and a rustle of...   Read more

Winter's Teeth

by AislingWeaver 12 days ago

"Dammit it's cold today." Bard pulled his hat further down over his forehead and huddled into his fur. "This shit just ain't worth it, Jake." The mule nudged his shoulder and tugged on the lead. He knew where warmth was, as well as his grain.

Man and beast drudged along the logging trail beneath the cold, thin light of the...   Read more

The Pilgrimage

by AislingWeaver 13 days ago

Down six steps and under the fire escape.

Don't knock on the door, follow the hall to the end.

Go through the curtain and around the corner.

Follow the music.

Yes, just there, through that door.

Don't speak. Find a seat, even if it's on the floor.

Yes her voice is real, though you expect wings to sprout...   Read more

The Horse I didn't see

by IsobelH 19 days ago

One of the things about Seaburn beach is the dogs. The dogs go wild on the beach, their little eyes pop out of their heads with excitement. Many of the people on the beach have packs on them, hairy little muts discovering their inner wolf. Sometimes a dog will jump up at you, almost knock you flying, and the owner...   Read more